A social gaming experience rewarding MONEDAS™ that can be redeemed for #outliercigarswag from Outlier Cigars™.  Play, engage, and enjoy…  Don’t forget to participate by following #fineashandstick #shareyourstoryoutlier  on instagram for fine points.

The most innovative game experience in the tobacco industry. Guzman Madera Cigars is not a traditional cigar company. We like to consider ourselves more of a Cigars Technology Company leading the way with digital transformation with our product- Outlier Cigars. The company’s Philosophy brand.

About The Game

Player shapes are:

Owl 🦉 = The Wise

Leaf 🍂 = The BOTL or SOTL

Gear ⚙️ = Smoke Time

Key 🔑 =  Master Key

Game Features Tobacco Related Trivia Questions


Choosing Player positions:

Players must scan dice QC code in center of board and the one with the highest number is Player 1. The remaining Players will follow in the order of highest to lowest.

For rules reference:

  • Player 1 is behind of Player 4 & ahead of Player 2
  • Player 2 is behind of Player 1 & ahead of Player 3
  • Player 3 is behind of Player 2 & ahead of Player 4
  • Player 4 is behind of Player 3 & ahead of Player 1

Playing the game:

  1. An internet connection is required.
  2. Outlier Cigars is the house.  This is represented by the box full of MONEDAS™.
  3. All Players are given 6 MONEDAS™ at the start of the OUTVENTURE™ Trivia for joining the game.
  4. MONEDAS™ spaces are the only spaces allowed multiple Players.
  5. To start game Players must roll cigar QC code dice and get a cigar and cellophane image when scanning the cigar QC code on physical dice. This will allow for one space move forward. Anything other than that image will not allow player to start game and leave starting point (enter game “lounge” area).
  6. Once inside the lounge, you must follow the rules and can only advance by answering the questions the player behind of you makes. This is done by that player scanning their “cigars” QC code game card. If you answer correctly, you may scan dice QC code in game board and advance according to number count. If you answer incorrectly, then you stay in place.  Players need to close the browser window by clicking/pressing the [CLOSE] button.
  7. Pay close attention to the questions you ask.  Your questions can and will get asked back to you.
  8. You can’t smoke in the same place as others… basically you can’t land in a same space occupied by another Player. If you do, the penalty is moving backwards and paying a fee of 1 MONEDAS™ to that Player.  If you happen to land on another Player’s space while moving backwards, you must repeat penalty. This will continue until no Player’s space is landed on or you end up on FDA space or the starting point.
  9. An FDA space automatically puts Player back to the start space.  A total of 6 MONEDAS™ are collected from the Player and given back to the house.  If Player does not have enough MONEDAS™ on hand, then all of the Player’s MONEDAS™ are collected.
  10. The Player to reach 25 MONEDAS™ first is the winner.
  11. If game page does not load upon scanning any of the QC code, please refresh browser page.


  1. If page does not load, please try refreshing or reloading the browser page.
  2. If refreshing the browser page does not resolve page loading issue, please close out completely and try scanning the QC code again.