The word “Dominican” in Latin is Dominicus, meaning Sunday. The Dominican Republic island traditionally is referred to as Santo Domingo de Guzmán (its capital city) after Saint Dominic de Guzmán founding father of the Order of the Dominicans. The capital is named as such in his honor. Guzmán is also believe to come from ancient, gothic origin.

One fact about Guzmán is that a President in the Dominican Republic was named Antonio Guzmán. Another person with a similar family name is Ramón Antonio Guzmán, Franklin’s Father. Ramón guided Franklin in his teenage yrs. with a simple constant quote “Yo nunca hice eso” “I never did that” any time Franklin was getting out of line.


The Madera Family calls Villa Bisonó home. It is known as Navarrete. A small municipality in northwestern Dominican Republic. As a teenager, Franklin ran through these grounds while studying to obtain his baccalaureate in Mathematics. Before being used for agriculture and grazing grounds, this area was forested.

Here the Madera family spent many hot days in the “conucos” (small farms) cultivating and packaging Tobacco to make an honest living. Franklin’s Grandmother, Carmen Madera, was an exemplary women who always taught him her wisdom. She provided for her family working hard in the conucos and helped raised Franklin in his early years.

We welcome you to Guzmán Madera. After years of being a cigar smoker, Franklin decided to have his own cigar blend. This prompt him to look deep into his roots and realize there had always been an internal spark just waiting to ignite. Not only was his Grandmother in the tobacco industry, but later he learned that his Grandfather was also a tobacco cultivator.

Since 11 months of age Franklin has always been an outlier. While his parents where undergoing the normal visa process interview to allow his mother to enter the United States of America, the American consulate notice Franklin in the arms of his Grandmother. He then proceeded to asked who is that child. Both parents answered “that’s our son” and the consulate granted Franklin a permanent visa to the United States. However Franklin was not in the application for visa when his father Ramón Guzmán petition for his mother Iluminada Del Carmen Guzmán Madera.

In Franklin’s own words:

“We’ll have you sharing valuable moments between friends and family.”


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